Top Quality Products
Here at CLASSYLASHES, we spend a lot of time constantly evaluating new products on the market and choosing only the
best for our cliental.
Our Extensions: We use Premium Mink and Silk Eyelash which are flexible, soft and very similar to your natural eyelashes.
Our Glue: Premium glue has less fumes and doesn’t cause irritation to the eyes. We truly care about the health and safety of your eyes and natural lashes. That is why we don’t use the stronger, harsher glue which may last 6 weeks. 
At CLASSYLASHES, we strive for a clean and relaxing environment for our customers.
After each and every application, used tweezers are sanitized and placed in dis-infecting pouches for continuous sterilization. 
We use a clean white disposable papertowel on your pillow and replace it between each and every customer.